City Secures Grant to Survey Its Mid-Century Modern Buildings

From the Office of Mayor Francis G. Slay:

The City’s Preservation Board will tonight announce that the City of St. Louis has received an award of a $24,600 grant from the State Historic Preservation Office to survey the City’s mid-century modern buildings. The survey will specifically focus on structures built between the late 1940s through the mid 1970s and is designed to create a list of buildings that can be determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and designated as City landmarks.

“This project focuses on an important chapter in the City’s architectural development,” said Cultural Resources Office Director Betsy Bradley. “Currently, many mid-century modern buildings lack the historic recognition and legal protection that some older buildings have. I look forward to bringing these important examples of mid-century modern architecture to the public’s attention and possibly adding them to the National Register of Historic Places or designating them as City landmarks.”

Once the project begins, the Cultural Resources Office will hold a public input meeting to receive suggestions for structures to be studied the most thoroughly. The public will later be invited back to hear a report on the completed project.

“We look forward to the public’s input,” said Mayor Slay. “Committed City residents have made it clear that preserving our city’s architectural character and unique qualities are priorities. This specific research will identify important mid-century modern buildings and should lead toward protection from thoughtless demolition and possible resources for their improvement. Our City is rich in beautiful and significant architecture – and this study will help it remain that way.”

The project is expected to begin later this year and be completed by the summer of 2013. The Cultural Resources Office will hire a consultant to work with them in completing this project.

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    Esley Hamilton should be very involved in this. Actually, he should probably head this up.

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